Rejuvenate the colour and appearance of your skin and experience PLEASURE WITH NO SSHHHAME

Perfectly Pink Privates is a skin care product aimed at transforming those darkened, private & delicate areas of the body to their original and youthful appearance, following a natural path to skin tone regression. It not only brings the primary color of the skin back but also leaves a pleasant and relaxing feeling.


  • Deluxe formula
  • No animal testing
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Protects & rejuvenates the skin in the process
  • Safe skin whitening treatment
  • Safe & inexpensive alternative to laser surgery
  • No prescription required
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Designed for the private and delicate areas of the body
  • Calming & pleasurable effect on application


  1. You apply our product to clean skin in the morning and in the evening. 
  2. You gently massage the cream on the skin area, using circular motions.
  3. If you expose those skin areas to the sun, sun protection is highly recommended.

The effects

Perfectly Pink Privates is a non-prescription, deluxe skin whitening treatment for the delicate & private areas of your body, that is suitable for all types of skin. Our product acts in the most efficient way - using carefully selected ingredients that will take care of your skin, softening, hydrating, moisturizing and leaving a pleasant aroma behind. 

The skin will gradually regain its tonus and original colour tone. The product will bring out that perfect pink and eliminate dark spots, while also slowing down the ageing process. While all of this happens, you will enjoy a pleasurable & relaxing effect as you apply Perfectly Pink Privates  to your skin.

Why use a skin whitening cream?


Hyperpigmentation issues like age spots, acne scars and melasma can be treated using a skin whitening treatment. Hyperpigmentation is caused by the abnormal accumulation of melanin on different areas of the body, depending on the cause. 

Melanin is a compound that is secreted by the body to give the skin and other body parts their specific colour. Skin whitening treatments work to stop the overproduction of melanin in the affected areas and help restore the skin colour to its original tone.

Age Spots

Dark spots or age spots appear as flat and slightly darkened areas of the skin. Their size can vary and they usually appear on the skin areas that are most exposed and affected by sunlight and U.V. radiation. They are also referred to as liver spots, sunspots or solar lentigines and will usually start showing up in middle aged people, though that is not a general rule.

Acne scars

Acne scars occur when a pimple causes the skin area to inflamate. The affected skin area will produce, in return, a larger amount of melanin, creating hyperpigmentation. This process will then result in dark spots appearing on the affected skin area.


Melasma is a form of skin discoloration that can affect both men and women, and can last up for years, being very hard to get rid of. It normally appears as dark-brownish spots on face-areas (nose, upper-lip, cheeks, forehead) and on the more sensitive areas of the body (armpits, nipples and private areas). 

This issue is more prevalent in women than in men and it can be caused by hormone changes during pregnancy or by using birth control. Another cause and contributor to melasma is exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight). A typical melasma outbreak will occur during pregnancy in the summertime, when exposure to UV light is much more powerful.

Is the formula safe?

Perfectly-Pink-Privates acts as a safer, non-invasive alternative to classic skin whitening surgery. Our deluxe formula consists of two main ingredients - Kojic Acid and Litsea cubeba or May Chang Oil. 

See our FAQ guide to learn more about the product formula and to answer any other question you may have related to our product.

The safe & inexpensive 

alternative to painful surgery

Compared with laser surgery, our cream acts in a safe & non-invasive way, while also saving you a good deal of money. Why so? 

1. In contrast to laser surgery, a skin whitening cream won’t set you back with multiple purchases. A complete skin whitening body treatment can empty your pockets and set you back with thousands of pounds.

2. Using a whitening cream instead of surgery is less invasive and less painful. Perfectly-Pink- Privates transforms skin whitening in a pleasurable experience with its unique, deluxe formula. 

3. Unlike certain surgical procedures, our unique product is perfectly suitable for all areas of the body - no need for special sessions and specialists to take care of them individually. 

Taking care 

“Down There”

Perfectly-Pink-Privates is a name that says it all - a product that is designed to take care of all of your delicate skin areas, but especially dedicated to private area care. So when you feel like your most delicate parts are losing their youthful appearance, our product will return those areas to their original, “pink” state.

The SSHHH effect

Pleasure with NO SSHHHAME are not just pretty words for a nice slogan. They represent our cream’s most special feature - the relaxing and pleasurable effect that comes upon application. Using our cream will not only relax your skin, but will take your senses on a delight-trip to experience self-pleasure as never before.

Perfectly Pink Privates - The story behind the product

We didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Years of research, hard work and desire are the founding pillars we stand on. Born in Beverly Hills, CA, Severina’s Secrets draws from the innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and the expertise this place has to offer.

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