Shipping and Delivery

We are using DHL to ship our products to you. All products are shipped FREE of charge. The estimated delivery time is from 1 (one) day to 3 (three) days, depending on when the order has been processed and where you live. Currently, we ship to all European countries. 

For deliveries to other countries, please, contact us on


Once an order has been placed we will fulfill the request within 6 hours and ship it with DHL. You will receive a notification that your purchase has been shipped. The message will contain a tracking number. You can use it to track the package at any moment. You will receive notifications when the package is at your hometown destination and on the day it will be delivered.


You may return Severina’s Secrets package only if the inner package/jar has not been opened. If the jar has been opened, please do not return the product. We do not accept returns of used cosmetic products.Returns are accepted in the cases when the cream itself has some visible damage or unusual colouring. In this case, please, take a picture of the cream and send it to

Returns are also accepted when the outer package or the jar has some visible damage. In this case, please, send us a picture and write to

The costs of the above mentioned returns will be covered by Severina’s Secrets Ltd.  

The costs of all other types of returns should be covered by the sender.

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