Within our Sanctuary all of our SSecrets are celebrated 

Experience the SSHHH culture

Imagine the feeling when you are about to share something exciting with someone special. There is an element of surprise. A delightful sense of elation permeates the air. You conjure up an elevated state of being. Your heart rate rises up, making the blood in your body circulating at speed. Join with Severina’s Secrets and get to experience the distinct pleasure from being part of a mysterious culture.

the brand

Severina’s Secret is a deluxe brand born in Beverly Hills, California. The company sets out on a daring adventure bound by a vocation to utilize an unbridled temper for innovation and empowerment. Nurturing and caring in nature, Severina’s Secrets partners up with the best in the industry to provide a premium product to the market for private area care and stir up the spirits of the competition. The products of the brand are sustainably produced for maximum effectiveness. They are made from pure, raw materials, and come in an impressive luxurious packaging. 



We are a brand that embraces everyone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, or creed;


Our products are designed to make us conscious of our deep-seated desires, and accept ourselves for who we are;


We are a family of SSecret Keepers that offers protection to all those who have joined our sanctuary;


because our products and philosophy speak of intimate care, in our sanctuary we keep everything “off the radar”


the sSecrets

For years, we harboured a desire to develop an exclusive, deluxe beauty product line for private area care for men and women. While working on our dream, we kept in mind the power of the secrets to enlighten, unite, and to provide the pleasure of surprise. The future we envisioned kept us moving forward. We followed our path headlong, and after an extensive period of research, experience, and hard work, coupled with our fertile imagination, we are starting to reap the fruits of our labour. 


We share our secrets with the ones we love and trust. Call it a tribe of like-minded people. For us, it’s a Sanctuary which everyone can join. In our community we utilize the power of the SSecrets to the advantage of all members. It’s a place where we are encouraged to become more self-loving, and caring to each other in order to move beyond our simple existence and lead more fulfilling lives.

Our SSecret community comprises two major types of social strata, as well as a leading figure:

The mother

The Mother is the leading figure in our community. She is the source of guidance, understanding and support. In her eyes, everyone is equal and valuable, regardless of race, skin colour, gender, desire or creed. 


They become part of our community of like-minded individuals in a quest to break free from all taboos and prejudices. They support each other within our safeguard circle and protect their secrets from those on the outside. 


They are the lifeblood flowing through the veins of our brand and have a thorough knowledge of it. Their mission is to render cooperation and understanding within our community fruitful and seek to expand our circle by bringing others under our roof. 

We are gathered in a SSecret community of open-minded, empowered, confident and loving people, liberated from limiting beliefs. In this Sanctuary, we are allowed to celebrate all our SSecrets and experience every pleasure to the fullest. 

Become a SSecret Keeper


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