How to Maintain a Clean Intimate Care Routine to Ensure a Youthful Private Area

The natural and healthy look of your private area fades with time. The process is so subtle it can remain unnoticed for years. You think it’s all looking good down there until one day it no longer does.

Let us look at the bright side of it - it is a gradual process. Ergo, taking action today will put you at an advantage to keep the youth of the private area and feel comfortable in your skin for a longer time.

You do not need to turn into a maniac who thinks of mowing the lawn every day. If truth be told, caring for your privates goes further than just cutting the bush thinner now and then. There is nothing wrong if you decide to leave it be as mother nature intended, either.

Anyway, it’s your private area, your business. But since you are here, something tells us that you are genuinely concerned with the placket racket, the whim-wham, the Jacob’s Ladder. And would like to keep your loins fresh for as long as possible. You are one in ten. That in itself is an achievement. So props to you! We are here to tip the scale in your favour.

The first thing worth mentioning is that the skin on your privates is, in a way, more sensitive to hormonal changes. The melanocytes contained in it are of higher density and may react differently to those changes. As it is known, melanocytes are cells responsible for our skin colour. Due to that, the skin in your genitalia may look slightly darker and continue on its path to the dark side if left to the whims of fate. 

As the years roll by, you will start to enjoy how your private area looks less and less. So nourishing your intimate part with products specifically designed for it will help slow down the ageing process. Regularly moisturizing, exfoliating, and making sure your nether regions are treated as practice dictates is part of it. 

That brings us to the next point.

Your genital area has specific pH levels. Especially for those with a coochie, choosing a shower gel that matches that pH level helps to maintain your naughty bits in impeccable health condition. It will nourish, soothe, and keep the skin moisturized without disturbing the pH balance of your vaginal flora. A shout out to those with goolies - that applies to you too! Next, relax, take it easy and lather up.

If things develop fast than expected hair-wise - and your partner wants you bare down there every night - always ensure that you lather up before mowing the meadow. It will save you some headaches like razor burns or those annoying little red bumps that last for days.Now that you understand the importance of using the right methods and products, let’s move to the last bit. 

Make skin exfoliation a part of your intimate self-care ritual. On average, two or three times a week is ideal, depending on how sensitive your skin there is. However, incorporating it into your self-care practice will help in cleaning off dead skin cells, unclogging the pores and, as a result, give you a better shave. 

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  • as everyone said is eye opening and educational. Thank you🥰

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  • Awesome tips, cheers!

    • Sia
  • Wow! Thank you so much for opening my eyes about how important intimate care is. Im defenetely taking a note.

    • Ivaylo
  • Oh my Gosh, I never know how important intimate care is and the fact that the care down there doesn’t just end with washing and it requires more than that. I was always wondering why my privets are darker than the rest of my skin even though I never exposed them to the sun.
    Thank you for educating me

    • Ross Tudor
  • Good stuff, short and to the point. Makes me think about all the little things I could’ve done to help my privates stay healthy.

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