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What is the SSecret 

Agent program?

The SSecret Agent program is a business developer program that has been created to grow our brand, Severina’s Secrets. Our program recruits people that want to get involved with our brand in order to promote it, in exchange for making an extra income stream of their own.

What will you be doing?

After becoming a SSecret Agent, you will be representing our brand with full credentials. You will benefit from our full support in an onboarding process, that will walk you through all the steps necessary for you to be able to promote us in the most outstanding way.

What is the SSecret 

Agent program?

The SSecret Agent program is an opportunity for forward-thinking individuals, aspiring to become pillars of strength, to build skills, and acquire qualities that complement their personalities. Our program aims to establish a profitable relationship between us, thus allowing both parties to work in unison for each other’s growth. 

What is it to be a SSecret Agent?

Everyone who would like to benefit from SSecret Agent Program will actively participate in promoting and building Severina’s Secrets brand - our core values, our products, the causes we stand behind, and the goals we pursue. In return, we allow our SSecret Agents to bask in the glory of our sanctuary, where we treat everyone with emotiveness and warmth.


  • How to get new audiences to pay attention to what you want to say and show;
  • How to create engaging content for your raving fans and keep them coming back for more;
  • How to present yourself in front of large groups of people in an enticing and non-intrusive way;
  • How to build a community within the space of SSHHH brand in order to make the most out of it;
  • How to be proud of every step you take towards reaching your goals and portray yourself as an outstanding individual.


Numerous are the benefits of joining our SSecret Agent program, and we'll add a few more that might intrigue you. Just in case you aren’t nodding your head in agreement yet.
Besides, you will:

  • Become part of an inner circle where you are treated with the respect you deserve;
  • Receive exclusive SSecret gifts from us for free;
  • Grow yourself professionally while being part of an autonomous, positive, and value-driven company culture
  • Get to live your life on your own terms, all the while doing what you like and love the most;
  • Have a chance to travel the world, explore new places, and meet new people (without a penny coming out of your pocket!)

HOW TO BECOME A SSecret Agent?

Becoming a SSecret Agent is a piece of cake - sweet and easy to slice. 

  • Enter your email address in the form below.
  • Go to your inbox and confirm your email address. * make sure you check your spam folder too. 
  • Give us a few moments until we get in touch with further instructions.
  • Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and fill up the questionnaire we’ve sent you.
  • If we are a good match, we will schedule an appointment for a brief chat with one of our team members. 
  • Receive a warm welcome by our community and begin your journey as a SSecret Agent.

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